Bloo’s Gang

Mike has set up a Bloo’s Gang web page, featuring this short cartoon we produced back in 1995 called “Bow Wow Buccaneers”. You can check out the online film, as well as artwork from the production here.

Bloo and his friends Simon and Skully are among my favorite characters Mike and I have created over the years. The premise could be described as “The secret life of dogs.” What really happens when you put your dog out at night? Does he really spend the whole night in his little dog house, or does he have a wild and crazy night life you don’t know about? If your dog is anything like Bloo, it’s the later.

On the Bloo’s Gang webpage, you can also see the animatic we produced for the sequel to “Bow Wow Buccaneers” called, “The Skies of Bloo”. There are also storyboards, and a pencil test from an unproduced Bloo’s Gang short, as well as some cell setups from the original short. Today, almost all animation is put together with digital ink and paint. But back in ’95 cells were still in use. Although digital ink and paint is far more efficient, the hand-painted cells and background setups were really nice because each one is a work of art. There’s no physical artwork left over from digital cells.

Warning: The entire Bloo’s Gang film is 7 minutes long. Despite taking great care to shrink the file size (down from several gigabytes), the file is still over 27 megabytes in size. Needless to say, a broadband connection is a must. Anyhow, enjoy!

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