Animating away…

Yup, I am animating like a crazy man lately, fully immersing myself in the 3D world. Not saying I’m any good at it of course but I am trying to learn with a passion. Most of my time is being taken up by Maya rendering frames of my film Fireside Chat (the pixelization is due to thecompression needed to play it over the web). It takes generally around 24 hours for my computer to render a 650 frame scene. Sometimes I have to render more than once because something went wrong. Man! I HATE that!
The other day I rendered a scene of Cubesteak saying “C’mon Ribeye, give me something I can sink my teeth into”. It took around 12 hours to render that scene and when it was done it looked great except for the fact that the stupid floor didn’t render for some reason and it had to be done again. I’m still not sure what went wrong actually. Ahh well, chalk it up to my lack of fundimental knowledge in 3D.

Today I had lunch with a friend of Harry’s and mine Bob Arvin who owns 3DBob Productions; a place where Harry and I both used to work. Anyway, he showed me a contraption he bought that let you “point scan” characters into the computer. You can see an example of what I’m talking about here. He said that Pixar does it’s modeling this way. I immdeiately went home and started sculpting which is what I’m doing now. My plan is to make a bust of Poltergoose, a character Harry and I created who tells bad joke in a graveyard. He will have a Jackie Mason type voice. I’m really excited about it and will post more as I get stuff done. As Harry said, we haven’t really seen eachother in quite some time… but we’ll have to get together soon and have some lunch and talk about new projects!

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