I’m baaaack!

Howdy folks!
I finally arrived safely back into the arms of Uncle Sam. It was a full month to the day that I was over there and it was a very, very different experience for me. I loved it and now I really feel the need to travel more. I missed my family something fierce but the Isle of Man was a true eye-opener than I will never forget. So many people and so many different ideas about how life is supposed to work. Ask ten people the same question and you’ll get ten answers, ask ten Americans and ten Europeans the same thing and the results are even more different. Growing up in America can stagnate your mind. We are sitters (as evidenced by our obesity epidemic) and we don’t travel as much as Europeans do at least that’s the gist I get from speaking with them. Harry’s wife, Leila has been all over the place and I am sure it is many more places than the average American.

The place that I traveled, The Isle of Man is known as being a largely Norse community and it really helped me to understand vikings and barbarians better. Not that the people are barbaric there today, not by any means in fact quite the opposite, but the land is steeped in rich history dating back to the Roman times. Vikings invaded and settles on that island since the the early 800s and although it’s not documented there’s no reason why it wouldn’t have even been earlier than that. Even Caesar himself knew about the Isle of Man! All in all this trip will surely help us in the next book Harry and I do. Without a doubt. Stay tuned for more books from Zaptoons… oh yeah and continue to read my blog Manx Milowerx. There are still 12 Americans over there and they will continue on with the blogging tradition that I started over a month ago… so keep reading!

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