Viva Las Vegas!

In Las Vegas Nevada this weekend for the big premiere screening of the show I work on called American Dad. It’ll premiere Sunday on Fox right after the Superbowl, and a new episode of The Simpsons- a much coveted timeslot, believe me. If you get a chance, check the show out. American Dad is from the same creative team that brought the very popular Family Guy series to life. If you miss American Dad on Sunday, be sure to catch it in it’s regular timeslot starting May 1st, along with a brand new season of Family Guy. Fox Animation is on a roll lately, and I’m glad to be along for the ride.

My wife and I flew into Vegas on Friday evening from Los Angeles, and we’re staying at the Sahara, where I’m writing this blog entry. Today, (Saturday) we hit the town and checked out the sites- and had a lot of good food- great food in mass quantity being something that’s easy to find in Las Vegas. We hung out with some very good friends of ours that drove out.

We’re not really gamblers- the occasional nickel slot and that’s it for me, but I always enjoy Vegas for the crazy atmosphere here. Looking out over the strip from our hotel room 21 stories up, I’ve been inspired to do a bit of writing on my next book.

Tomorrow, Sunday- we’ll join the crew from Fox Animation Studios over at the Rio hotel for the big bash where we’ll celebrate the premiere of our show, and watch it as it airs. Then it’s back to Los Angeles on Monday morning for us- flying back into town in time to be at work Monday morning.

That’s it from this city of lights! I’m keeping my money in my wallet and out of the casinos! So far, so good!

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