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"An unusually creative author pens this children’s and young adult fiction story. The book is sure to capture the interest and capture young reader’s imaginations in ways never imagined, and it will certainly appeal to adults as well.

Travel along with Ribeye and his younger brother, Cubesteak as they travel continents never imagined – into Pastafazool, Moolabahara and exotic cities such as Porkchopolis, Brisket and others, in search of their father, who has been missing from most of their young lives.

This reader/reviewer found this to be a fascinating read – the imagination is set on fire – and while this story is written in a form and manner teens are able to easily read, this book will also capture the interest of older readers as well. Open the pages of this book, and join in a touching journey filled with adventure and chuckles… this one is guaranteed fun!"

Reviewer Diane Sewell
Denise's Pieces Book Reviews
--------------------------------------------------------------------------"I think this will make a very enjoyable children's book. It's the type of book a parent can read to their child, and even have a smile and a chuckle themselves. Slightly older children should enjoy it as well, and it may introduce some new words into their vocabulary."

"All in all, this should make a good Christmas present for many a child!"

Reviewer Edward Hasting-Evans
The Book Portal UK

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“The young reader will have a fine time with Ribeye the Bullbarian, and the concerned parent need have no fear. Generally admirable characters, including a resourceful and daring heroine, are involved in a lively plot which increases its pace as it progresses. While there are struggles with the villain, all involved emerge with nothing more than a few aches and bruises, and justice is served. The hero and Cubesteak, his younger brother, are not flawless, but their ultimate motivation is to act in service of the right. Personalities and settings are presented in a lively and coherent manner. Enjoy!”

Nancy Myers
School Psychologist (ret.) Virginia


“What a fun read! Kids will love the parade of exotic and downright offbeat characters that the two bulls meet, fight and often befriend. I especially liked the warm relationship between the protective Ribeye and his gullible, vulnerable kid brother. Try this for a rollicking adventure!”
Diane Cadrain
Hartford, CT.
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